About Us

Every Child Counts is a registered organization established in the year 2020 having an aim to serve the community in terms of social, economical, and education also to build a good socially responsible society. It aimed to look for child rights and the development of the rural poor, empower them towards their sustainability.

Vision and Mission


Every Child Counts envisages a free violence society where girls and women are equal and fairly treated..


Fighting to prevent and alleviate sufferings from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to Tanzanian community by mobilizing the generosity of the donors so as to finish what we started and achieve our vision of a country free FGM.


Motto of organization is to create on environment of socialization and cultural

Understanding, equitable distribution of wealth and mutual help, social justice, peace, love and humanity


  • To raise awareness of FGM to new emerging community
  • To improve decision making to all those who are at individual level to make the best choice in abandon the practice of FGM.
  • To increases the economic confidence of women, men and young people within practicing communities that will make them to reject the practices as part of their life and identity.
  • To improve knowledge to communities on child protection.

Strategies: To initiate socio-economic, educational and health development Programmes in rural areas.

Core competencies:  Women and Child Protection, Rural Literacy, Awareness on early child marriages and other various developmental issues.













The Sewing Machine Project for School Dropout Supported by Every Child Counts


Meet Our Team

Esther Long'ida Kivuyo

Full Name:  Esther Long’ida Kivuyo

Position:  Founder and Chairperson

Rosemary Melau Lucumay - Associate Member

Full Name: Rosemary Melau Lucumay

Position: Associate Member

Elifuraha Elias Laizer

Full Name:  Elifuraha Elias Laizer

Position:  Associate