Development Activities

  • Every Child Counts development activities are spread over 8 villages of which 4 villages is in Arusha district and other 4 villages in Monduli district.
  • The project villages are situated in the semi hill region with an average rainfall about 130-mm/ year. The projects villages are located around 15 –45 kms radius from every nearest small town.

Target Group

The target people covered under the project are Maasai, Sukuma, Kurya, and other pastoralist communities who are weaker sections of the society. The socio – economic conditions of the target groups are far behind of satisfactory level and the project villages are lacking the primary infrastructures.

Tailoring Project

Tailoring Project Supported by Haella from Neatherlands

FGM Seminar

FGM Seminar in Monduli Juu


Every Child Counts as part of its comprehensive holistic approach to improve the quality of life of the rural communities is facilitating a number of need based and people centered activities in the project area. Some of the main activities are: women and children development, rural literacy, awareness on early/child marriages from the past 9 months.

Entry Phylosophy

It has been the philosophy of Every Child Counts to identify committed women and youth leaders from among the community for planning and implementing of all the development programmes and to involve the community in each and every step. This is to ensure that the participation of the community is full-fledged in all our activities and the communities feel a sense of ownership to the project. Thus all the initiatives and development programmes of Every Child Counts are aimed at facilitating the vulnerable communities attain self-reliance.

Institutional Initiatives

FGM Awareness

To raise awareness of FGM to new emerging communities and focused groups in Tanzania

Economic Confidence

To increases the economic confidence of women, men and young people within communities

Decision Making

To improve decision making to all those who are at individual level to make the best choices

Community Knowledge

To improve knowledge to communities on child protection, development and care